Whenever you want to use our robotic pool cleaner website, you can trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy has been created in order to help you have a clearer view on why we collect your information and what we use it for. Furthermore, we will also help you understand more about the specific data we are collecting, when this privacy policy applies, and we will talk about other important matters, such as cookies and future changes.

Why we collect information

The main purpose of collecting information from you, our visitor, is to improve the quality of our services so that we can provide all of our users with better services. This way, we can find out the number of people that are visiting our website, find out which is your native language or learn about your main preferences.

Ways in which we collect the data

Personal information

First of all, the information that you provide us with holds an important significance, as it serves to helps us improve our website according to your needs and preferences. What’s important to mention here is the fact that we do not collect your personal information, unless you choose to provide us with this data by completing a contact form. By completing this contact form, we are able to contact you directly and provide you with special assistance, such as answering your question regarding a specific product. Although we will be able too see the IP address of your network, we do not use this information to track you or retract personal information from your computer.

Collected information after using our service

Because we can monitor the pages you are visiting, as well as seeing the links you click on and other actions we can improve our website, so that it fits your needs. The information that we get from your use of our services may include: location information, device information, cookies and other similar technologies. The device-specific information refers to your operating system or hardware model, while the location information can help us find out your IP address, but not your actual current address.

A word about cookies

It’s very important to mention that our specific website uses cookies that help us monitor the pages you are visiting. When using our services, a small text file that includes alphanumeric characters will automatically be stored on your computer. This way, you will be able to navigate faster through our website, and thus have a better experience. This specific cookie file does not collect personal information, nor does it transfer dangerous files to your computer.

Disabling cookies

Although some features of the service will not function as properly, you can choose to disable cookies, but keep in mind that this procedure depends on the browser you are using. For instance, if you are using Mozilla, you need to click the menu button, choose Options and then select the Privacy panel. The next step is to set Firefox to “Use custom settings for history”. Once you have completed this step you can uncheck the mark “Accept cookies from sites” and choose for how long cookies can be stored.

When this privacy policy applies

Our Privacy Policy applies only to the services offered by us, as it entirely excludes services that do not use this Privacy Policy, but have separate policies. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the services offered by other individuals or companies. What’s worth mentioning here is the fact that while using our services, you may be redirected to specific websites that can provide you with additional information about our robotic pool cleaners.These links will lead you to our affiliates. You should know that each time you click on these links, we earn a small commission. However, this does not affect you in any way, as you don’t have to pay us anything.

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