Pool Ozone Generator

This product is the most suitable item to use if you want to reduce the use of chlorine. It is a proper pool water sanitation and it will provide clean and safe water. The use of it will ensure that the water is soft to the touch. As well as, you will completely eliminate unpleasant chemical odors. It neutralizes and destroys numerous microorganisms, contaminants, pathogens and cosmetic oils. All of them can be devastating for our health. In addition to this, this method does not have byproducts that can be harmful. You can find them in chlorine and salt.

The actual units are environmentally friendly, do not require thorough maintenance and they are cost-effective as they run on low energy. You can even install some models yourself so you do not have to waste money on a professional to do it.

Top 4 Pool Ozone Generator Comparison


1. Prozone Water Products PZ7-2HO 2. DEL Ozone EC-20 Eclipse-20 3. A2Z Ozone 856689005153 SP 4. Prozone Water Products PZ4
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General Info
Manufacturer Prozone Water Products PZ7-2HO DEL Ozone EC-20 Eclipse-20 A2Z Ozone 856689005153 SP Prozone Water Products PZ4
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17” x 6.2” x 3.5” 7.8” x 3.2” x 14.1” 11” x 8” x 14.3” 13.5” X 8.2” X 4.5”
Weight 11 Lbs 9 Lbs 14.5 lbs 10 Lbs
Material Aluminum Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum

Technical Specifications

Power Source Electric Electric Electric Electric
Operating Voltage 120 – 240 95-250 220-240 120
Arc Life 2 Years+ 5 Years+ 2 Years+ 2 Years+
Wall Mountable
Performance Details
Water Capacity in Gallons 40,000 50,000 50,000 15, 000
Ozone Purity 100% 90% 100% 100%
Standard Air Flow 8 CFH 15 SCFH 15 SCFH 8 CFH


Universal Power Supply
Low Maintenance
Other Features
Advanced VUV technology Standard Venturi Injector Standard Venturi Injector Dynamic Venturi Injector
Easily retrofit to existing installations UL Certificate LED Status Indicators Easily retrofit to existing installations
Vibrant color pad printing Easy to install No hazardous or toxic byproducts Suitable for above ground and inground pools


Product Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support 256-539-4570 800-4-MY-POOL 502-499-4977 256-539-4570
E-Mail Support

In-depth Analysis of Pool Ozone Generators

1. Prozone Water Products PZ7-2HO

This model is housed in an aluminum case in order to ensure durability for many years. The product is designed to be suitable for residential pools that are up to 40,000 gallons. It also features 2- Corona Hybrid Arc Tube with universal ballast and injector bypass installation kit. Additionally, it has a universal operating voltage between 110 and 240V and Venturi injectors that allow maximum mixing for superior water quality. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that this item does not have any nitrogen byproducts. Therefore, there is no way your water can get contaminated with harmful toxins.

This model runs on a universal plug and it uses 50/60Hz. The company swears by their product and they guarantee that it will last for more than 20,000 hours. In addition to this, the operating temperature is between -25°F to 120°F. Please ensure that you provide the right temperature if you want this product to last.



Designed to easily fit with the existing installation Doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature
Requires low maintenance
2 Year warranty
VUV technology


The reason why this is a popular choice is because it comes as an installment kit. Therefore, you do not have to hire a professional to fix it. In the box you will receive a Dynamic Venturi Injector, 1/4” check valve, hose, hose clamps and saddle clamps that can be adjusted.

2. DEL Ozone EC-20 Eclipse-20

This model is extremely effective destroying bacteria that can be harmful to our bodies. It improves water quality and clarity and it reduces the use of chlorine. Therefore, in the long run, you will be able to spend less money if you use this product. The ozone output for this model is 0.5 g/hr and the APG cell quantity is 4. As well as, it only uses 24 watts. This is excellent news if you do not want to spend a fortune on your electricity bill. The unit itself is wall mountable so the only worry you have is where to place the product.

The company ensures that the item will last for more than 5 years and the people that have already bought it, claim that they have it for more than 8 years. This can be due to the heavy-duty stainless steel case which is also corrosion resistant. Additionally, you can take advantage of the 1 Year warranty if you are not happy with the way the unit functions. However, that is very unlikely.



Eliminates unpleasant chemical odors Some say that they can hear a hissing sound when it’s operating
Will not irritate sensitive skin and eyes
Low maintenance required
Low energy costs


This is another best seller because it is 200x more powerful than chlorine and is extremely effective in removing contaminates. As well as, it can also get rid of pathogens, oils and microorganisms such as E.coli.

3. A2Z Ozone 856689005153 SP

This product features LED status indicators and an ozone output of 5 gals/h. This means that you can rest assured that this model will provide effective clean water even if you have a large pool. The concentration level is of g/m3 of oxygen that is between 25 and 45. As well as, the air level is between 5 and 15. The unit runs on low energy as it only uses 50/60Hz or 95 watts. This is nothing compared to many of its competitors. Additionally, you will thoroughly enjoy the fact that this model has stainless steel fittings that are corrosion resistant. This means that it requires low maintenance.

The product features CD Corona Discharge which means that it’s air-cooled. Therefore, you do not have to constantly check if it’s working properly. Fit it into your pool and just let it do its job. Please remember that if you want to install it into your inground pool, you need to have a venturi manifold system.



Product is wall mountable It doesn’t have an internal compressor
It runs on low energy It doesn’t work if you do not have a venturi system
Easy to install
Suitable for large pools


This is another popular model for many reasons. The first being is that the unit is weatherproof and low maintenance. This is good news for people that simply do not have time to deal with pool equipment. As well as, it’s also good for beginners as they do not have to anything else from the moment they install it.

4. Prozone Water Products PZ4

This model is suitable for residential pools that are around 15,000 gallons. It features a Corona Hybrid Arc Tube with electronic ballast and Injector bypass install kit. This is excellent news if you want to install the product yourself. Less money to waste. The dual-cavity is made out of an aluminum grounded case and you can either attach it to a surface or mount it on the wall. You will be able to notice the end caps glowing when on. This item runs on 110V or 60Hz. It produces 100% purity and it doesn’t have any nitrogen byproducts.

The Arc life is estimated to be around 20,000 hours but that’s only if you do not take care of it. Whilst it’s true that it requires low maintenance, you must check it at least once a month to ensure that you will have it for many years to come. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that all accessories are included into the package.



Can be attached or mounted on the wall Some cannot handle the maximum suction level
No nitrogen byproducts Some would have want it to work faster
It uses VUV technology
Provides superior water quality


This is another best seller because the electrical system is completely insulated internally in a seperate sealed housing. Therefore, even if you live in a state where it rains a lot, you do not have to worry about this product. This model is weather-proof as the ballast is mounted high above the base.

5. A2Z Ozone SP – 3G Pool Generator

Another interesting option from Ozone manufacturer is the A2Z Ozone SP model. With a compact design and a lightweight feature, this generator can handle any kind of pools up to a size of 25.000 gallons as it outputs 3g/ ozone per hour. Aside from swimming pools, it is also designed for other large-scale water application. Nowadays, this is the most popular method to get rid of chlorine and chemicals. It is a natural way to keep the water in your swimming pool clean and clear. The A2Z SP series come in different sizes, so you can find units in 3g, 5g, 8g and 16g/hr ozone output. Your choice strongly depends on your pool size. You may wonder how it works and what principle it is based on.

The generator work with suction, which means that for its installation, you will need a venturi injector. It kills bacteria and other microorganisms through a process called cell lysing. This is much safer than chlorine and provides a clean swimming experience.



Low maintenance
More efficient than its competitors
Non-toxic and safe
It kills and destroys bacteria


You will be surprised to discover how efficient this ozone generator is. Specially made for pools up to a size of 25.000 gallons of water, it outputs about 3g/ozone per hour. It comes in various sizes, so it is important to choose a model that corresponds to your pool size.

How Does It Work in Swimming Pools?

Have you ever heard about ozone generators? Do you know how do they work in swimming pools? Or, you maybe want to know how does ozone work in pools and what factors affect its work in a swimming pool. In order to find out the answer to all these questions, keep on reading the following lines.

The ozone generator acts as a sanitizer or an algaecide that protects swimmers against bacteria, viruses and infections. However, it is not as dangerous as chlorine or other sanitizers that contain harmful chemicals. It is more like a chlorine alternative. There are so many alternatives on the market, that it is quite difficult to find the right one, but most people opt for this method as it is the safest of all. These systems work with ozone.

They release this unstable molecule into the water in order to stabilize a normal pH level. However, keep in mind that ozone only works if a few factors are met. For example, the outside temperature is an important factor that can change the good work of the generator. In addition to this, something else will determine how effective this method is: The size of the pool. Take a real measure of your swimming pool and choose a unit that is suitable for it. These types of generators, especially the latest versions use ultraviolet (UV) lights from the sun to create ozone. The newest models are equipped with improved technologies, so although they are a bit more expensive, the investment is justified.

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