Pool Heat Pumps

There is nothing more exciting than having a swimming pool in your backyard. Those moments of relaxation that you can enjoy in your own swimming pool cannot be compared to anything. However, in order to maintain your pool crystal clear, you need to pay attention to several things. It is necessary to find a way to heat your pump up when it starts to get cold outside. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment used to maintain a swimming pool in good condition. As compared to the solar pumps that directly generate heat, the heat pumps absorb heat from the air and transform it into your swimming pool water. This is a much more cost-effective pool heating solution.

Lucky for you, this is the right place to be. We spent more than 15 hours trying to find some of the best models on the market, and we finally did. In the matrix below, you will find 5 of the best models available in the current market.

Top 5 Pool Heat Pumps Comparison

1. Raypak Classic Series 2. Aquacal Heatwave SuperQuiet 3. Jandy Pro Series 4. Pentair UltraTemp 5. Hayward HP50TA
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General Information

Manufacturer Raypak AquaCal Zodiac Pentair Hayward
Model R8350ti-E-HC SQ166R JE2000T 4600930 HP50TA
Unit dimensions 48 x 38 x 37 34 x 34 x 44 36 x 40 x 43 39 x 33.5 x 39 31 x 40 x 35
Unit weight 385 lbs. 328 lbs. 220 lbs. 230 lbs. 190 lbs.
Pool Type Above&Inground small Pools Above&Inground residential Pools Inground Pools & Spas Above&Inground Pools Above&Inground Pools

Technical Specifications

Output 133000BTUs 126.000BTUs 108.000BTUs 70.000BTUs 50.000BTUs
Inputs 7kW 6.6kW 5.03kW 3.8kW N/A
Voltage 230V 208/230V 230V 208/230V 240V
Hertz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
Minimum circuit ampacity (Amp) 42 42.1 40.21 40 42
Compressor Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
COP 5.5 5.6 6 5.9 5.4
Heat exchanger Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium
Optimal water flow (GPM) 15-60 30-70 42 N/A 30-75
Minimum water flow (GPM) 15 30 20 N/A 30
Maximum water flow (GPM) 60 70 70 60 75
Phase type single single single single single
Refrigerant R410-A R410-A R410-A R410-A R410-A


Dual Thermostats ThermoLink Heat Exchanger technology Versa Plumb Ready LCD control board Exclusive ‘Ultra Gold’ evaporator coil corrosion
Exclusive Direct-Set Thermostat Digital Display Dual thermostats for pool and spa combos AutoSet feature Independent temperature controls for pool and spa
Remote/local switch IceBreaker Technology Digital Self-Diagnostic Control Panel Automatic defrost feature Built-In Internal Bypass
4 light modes
Diagnostic lights Scroll Compressor technology Advanced controls Thermostatic Expansion Valve 4-Port Base
Sound Isolation Pads Digital controls Temperature control option
On-board diagnostics Built-in bypass flow assembly


Warranty 7-Year limited warranty on parts 7-Year limited warranty on parts 2-Year warranty on heat pump 60-Day warranty on parts 2-Year warranty on parts
2-year warranty on labor 2-year on labor 5-year warranty on compressor 2-year exteded warranty on parts and labor 1-year warranty on labor
10-year warranty on titanium tube 7-years on compressor 5-year warranty on exchanger 10-year extended warranty on compressor parts and labor 5-year warranty on compressor
1 lifetime extended warranty on titanium heat exchanger 10-year warranty on titanium tube
Customer Support
Instruction Manual

The Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Reviews

1.Raypak Classic Series

If you are looking to purchase a quality yet affordable heat pump for your swimming pool, take a look at the Raypak Classic Series pump. After several hours of testing and reviewing more than 15 products, we finally decide that the pool pump manufactured by the Raypack is one of the best pool accessories out there. The Classic Series heat pumps with titanium heat exchanger have been designed for above ground and in-ground pools. However, it is very important to know that it comes with an all-metal cabinet construction which makes it last for a long period of time. More than that, it is equipped with an easy to use digital controller which allows you to set the desired temperature. Additionally, it has a dual thermostat for pools and spas combos and an onboard diagnostic feature which provide you with information about any issue related to the product. Also, it is equipped with 6 LED diagnostic lights which are designed to keep you informed about the water flow level, the compressor delay as well as the refrigerant pressure. Overall, the Raypak Classic Series is definitely an option worth taking into consideration.



It is suitable for above ground and in-ground pools Expensive
All-metal cabinet construction
It is equipped with a dual thermostat
It comes with an onboard diagnostic feature


After a lot of research into the pros and cons of various models, we can honestly confirm that the Raypak Classic is one of the best heat pumps for swimming pools out there. It is suitable for both in-ground and above ground pools which is a great advantage considering that most models work only for one type of pool. It is a great product that combines all the features you could want in a heat pump.

2. Aquacal Heatwave SuperQuiet

Based on market popularity and available features, we are proud to include on our list a quality heat pump specifically designed for your swimming pool. Well known for innovations and high quality, Aquacal is proud to introduce one of the best heat pumps out there. With a quiet operation and a plethora of features, this pump will maximize the enjoyment of your pool. Aside from all standard features, it also has some additional features that will surprise you. Therefore, in order to understand more about how it works, keep on reading this review.

Pool pump features

Like many other similar products, the Aquacal Heatwave SuperQuiet is a modern pool pump that comes equipped with plenty of features and unique characteristics. Aside from this, it also uses an advanced technology that makes it efficient and safe for any type of swimming pool.

  • Features display – The pump comes with a flip-out control panel that protects its display against sun and extreme weather conditions. Also, its lockable panel has the purpose to change the temperature in order to provide the device with maximum security. More than that, it is very easy to read thanks to its accurate and bright blue display. It is also worth mentioning that it comes with a microprocessor controlled defrost cycle that has the main objective to protect the unit against cold temperature.
  • Air Flow Vectoring Top – This is one of the most important characteristics of this pump. It has the role to protect the electronic parts from rain, sun, dirt and debris while ensuring optimal airflow.
  • ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger – Compared to other pumps, this one features a patented counter-flow water management system and a hydraulic design that adds 1 PSI at 30 gpm. This way, it increases compatibility with two speed and variable speed pumps.
  • IceBreaker Technology – As mentioned above, it uses an advanced technology that helps it operate well at freezing temperatures in order to minimize heat loss. Also, it has the purpose to cool your pool and keep the water to the desired temperature.

Additional features

Apart from all those standard features that you may also find on another similar model, this one comes with a plethora of additional features that makes it different from another version. For example, it comes equipped with a scroll compressor. This compressor makes it more efficient and extra quiet. Thanks to the compressor, it has a silent operation. It is also worth mentioning that it features a water-resistant keypad. Since it will be used in a swimming pool, it is crucial to have a waterproof LED status and keypad. Its keypad lock-out function will allow you to enjoy its tamper proof settings. Overall, this product is a great value for the money and a good option to consider when making a purchase. It comes with so many features and functions that it is quite difficult to find something better than that at this price.


As you probably know, there are a ton of different types of heat pumps on the market, but very few are as energy-efficient as this one. With its ThermoLink Heat Exchanger technology, it helps you save some money by using a variable speed pump to reduce the RPM needed to achieve a good flow rate. This 126000 BTU pool pump features some louvered side panels and a built-in drain pan. While the panels have the purpose to protect the evaporator coil the built-in drain pan provides condensate management. This is an environmentally friendly pump that minimizes the carbon footprint and eliminates noxious gas emissions. It doesn’t use fossil fuels and there is no need for sun rays to heat the swimming pool.



It features dual thermostat for spas and pools
It has easy to read digital LED readouts
It comes with a ThermoLink Heat Exchanger
Easy to use


Take a look at this model and you will be surprised to discover how good it works and how efficient it is. Similar to the above model, it comes with many features and it has a lot of useful options. It is equipped with a dual thermostat for pools and spas, easy to read digital LED readouts and a ThermoLink Heat Exchanger feature that provides durable heating power.

3. Jandy Pro Series

We spent more than 20 hours testing and reviewing heat pumps in various pools, and the Jandy JE2000T was our favorite. It has a full list of useful features and it provides you with a multitude of benefits. It absorbs heat from the air and transforms it into the pool water. This means that your swimming pool will be heated ecologically and effectively. As compared to other similar pumps, this one comes with an easy to operate dual thermostat which helps you control both your pool and spa and an advanced digital control which enables self-diagnostics. More than that, it is equipped with an auto-heat feature which allows you to maintain your pool temperature automatically 24 hours per day. What we really like about this pump is iAquaLink compatible and can be controlled from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The minimum water flow of this pump is 20 gallons per minute while the maximum water flow is 70 gallons per minute. Overall, this great pool heat pump is surely an option that will satisfy your needs.



It features an advanced digital control
It comes with an auto-heat feature
It is iAquaLink compatible and it can be controlled from your smartphone
It comes with an easy to use dual thermostat


The Jandy Pro Series is another interesting model that will help you maintain the right temperature in the swimming pool. It comes with an advanced digital control that enables self-diagnostics and has a dual thermostat that helps you better control your pool. It is also worth mentioning that it is more affordable than the above models.

4. Pentair UltraTemp

The Pentair UltraTemp is another good product whose incredible features place it in the fourth position. This friendly heat pump is a great piece of equipment that will certainly meet your expectation. The fact that it comes with a titanium heat exchanger is a major perk because it ensures corrosion-free performance for extra long life. Additionally, as outlined above, it is equipped with so many useful features that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with it. First of all, it is important to know that it comes with an easy to read LCD display which provides information about the water flow, the water temperature, the water pressure and more others. Furthermore, there is an AutoSet feature that helps you monitor water temperature. Plus, it turns the water circulation pump on and off as needed in order to maintain the right temperature. All in all, this great pump with interesting and useful features will surely meet all your requirements.



It comes with a titanium heat exchanger
It has an easy to read LCD display
AutoSet feature
Great price


Although we placed it in the 4th position, it still is a good option worth taking into consideration. It comes with a lot of options and useful settings and it is very easy to install and use. Also, it is very important to know that thanks to its AutoSet feature, you will be able to monitor and control the water temperature.

5. Hayward HP50TA

If you are looking to purchase a pool pump for above ground pool up to 13.000 gallons in size, take a look at the Hayward HP50TA. Thanks to its impressive features, the HP50TA is one of the most popular pool pumps out there. Specifically designed with high-quality components, this model is meant to resist corrosion caused by pool chemicals. Its titanium counterflow heat exchanger makes it resistant to cold weather conditions and sun rays. Needless to say, it is one of the most resistant pool pumps on the market. Aside from being extremely durable, it is also equipped with a scroll compressor and an electronic control that helps you maintain the desired temperature. The HP50TA is a reliable pool pump that provides quiet operation and reliability. More than that it lows energy consumption, helping you save money on operating costs. Overall, with all those incredible features, the HP50TA will definitely meet your expectations.



Suitable for above ground pools
It is equipped with a titanium counterflow heat exchanger
It resists well to cold weather conditions


The Hayward HP50TA is a quality heat pump that does a great job. It comes with a titanium counterflow heat exchanger and a scroll compressor thanks to which you will be able to maintain an optimal temperature in your pool. Also, it is energy-efficient and provides quiet operation.

6. Hayward HP21404T

With a staggering 4 star reviews on Amazon, we are proud to include the Hayward HP21404T on our list. It is a popular model that comes with a heating performance of 140.000 BTU. It is equipped with a profiled fan blade that provides quiet operation and ensures efficient air flow. Also, it features an acoustic compressor cover. This may be something new for you as you may not find on other models. This acoustic cover has the purpose to minimize compressor sound level. Additionally, it comes with a titanium heat exchanger that was specifically made for maximum heat transfer. When it comes to heating up your pool, this heat pump is extremely efficient and does a better job than a pool heater. You may think that it is more expensive than a standard heater, but it uses an advanced technology and it is more energy efficient.



Acoustic compressor cover A bit too pricey
It is equipped with a titanium heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer
It features injection molded UV-resistant body panels


The Hayward HP21404T is an energy-efficient heat pump that does a great job heating up your swimming pool. It has a full list of features and settings and it is very easy to install. It is a bit pricey but considering the other models, it is by far a great model and a good option to make.

7. Aquapro VIGOH77

The Aquapro VIGOH77 our 7th option. It is an efficient heat pump that generates up to 75.000 BTU’s of heat. It is suitable for pools up to 24.000 gallons. It works great with both in-ground and above ground pools. Like any other similar unit, it comes with a lot of features. For example, it features a durable titanium heat exchanger and a rugged UV resistant housing. Plus, it comes with PVC slip fittings for easy installation. In addition to this, it comes equipped with an easy to navigate digital thermostat with self-diagnostic codes. Also, it has a high-temperature lock-out. As compared to other pool heaters, the VIGOH77 by Aquapro can do both heat or cool water. It is ARHI certified and comes with a 5-year warranty. As mentioned above, the unit has many features, but it also has a few downsides. It is not the lightest heat pump out there. It measures 38.5 x 38 x 34 inches and weighs about 222 lbs. It is a bit heavy and hard to lift. Overall, it is an option worth taking into consideration.



It generates up to 75.000 BTU’s High price
It features a titanium exchanger
It comes equipped with digital temperature controls
Great for both in-ground and above ground pools


Looking for a powerful heat pump that works great with your in-ground swimming pool? Then, you will be surprised to discover that the Aquapro VIGOH77 is exactly what you need. However, it is not the right model for those on a limited budget as it is quite expensive. It is efficient and comes with a lot of useful settings. It has a long warranty and it is designed for long-lasting performance.

What’s Behind our Ratings

best heat pumps

As you can see from the comparison chart above, there is a wide variety of pool pumps available for all types of pools. Since each one of the models above is equipped with a plethora of useful features, it’s recommended to compare them in order to find the one that meets your expectation. Keep on reading the following lines to learn more about the most important features that a poop pump should have.

  • Heat Exchanger

  • The heat exchanger plays an important role in this equation. It transfers heat from a condenser to the swimming pool’s water. They are so inexpensive because they have copper in their composition. Due to this mix of copper with nickel, they transfer heat more efficiently. However, if you are looking to purchase something else, you can take a look at the titanium heat exchangers. They are much more durable than the copper exchangers, but they are also more expensive.

  • Compressor

  • The compressor’s main purpose is to condense refrigerant into a high-pressure gas. There are two types of compressors on the market, such as the scroll and the reciprocating ones. While the scroll compressors use metal scrolls to compress refrigerant, the reciprocating ones utilize pistons to compress refrigerant. Once the reciprocating types were extremely popular, especially due to their compact size and inexpensive price. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they are not as efficient as the scroll ones, most manufacturers have replaced them with scroll compressors. They provide more efficiency and are less expensive than reciprocating compressors.

  • Digital display

  • If you are looking to purchase an advanced swimming pool pump, you will surely be impressed by a heat pump with digital display. An easy to read digital display is everything you need when it comes to innovative features. It is extremely useful, offering you detailed information about temperature, pressure and water flow.

  • Efficiency

  • There is nothing more important than the efficiency of a heat pump. This coefficient will give you a better understanding of your heart pump’s overall performance. The coefficient of performance (COP) is used to express the energy efficiency of various devices, including heat pumps, heaters and more other devices. In fact, this coefficient helps you measure the ratio of energy output to the energy input. The higher the efficiency and the COP, the lower the operating costs. Since there are so many models of pumps on the market, it is important to know that most of them come with a coefficient of performance that measures over 5.0. In simple terms, they are able to produce over five units of energy for every unit they consume. What you really need to understand is that not all pumps are created equally. Pumps with higher COPs are more expensive than heat pumps with a lower coefficient of efficiency. However, in the long run, you will spend more money on operating costs with a pump that has a lower COP.

Heat Pumps vs. Pool Heaters

pool heat pump vs. pool heater

Have you been thinking about buying a new swimming pool pump or pool heater, but it’s quite difficult to decide which one is the best? Before choosing a model it’s important to consider where you live. If you want your heat pump to work properly, you should live in an area with higher temperatures. Heat pumps work by drawing in outside air and transforming it into heat. The higher temperature, the more heat can convert into hot water. If you live in areas with cold climates, you might want to use a pool heater which can work anywhere, regardless the climate. A heat pump used in a cold climate requires more energy as compared to a pool heater which is more environmentally friendly in this situation. Furthermore, a heat pump is more expensive than a pool heater. However, if a pool pump works constantly, you will pay more than for a heater. If you are thinking about installing a pool heater, decide whether you want a gas or propane one. Also, it’s important to know that both electric heaters and pool pumps need electrical wiring to operate. This should also be included in the installation costs. To conclude, take note that a heat pump is much more efficient than a pool heater. Even if the costs are a bit higher, it is worth the investment.

The Pros and Cons of a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

They are durable and made to perform for decades They require proper air temperature
Lower operating costs Higher initial cost
They don’t emit any harmful gases. Environmentally-friendly solution Take a bit longer to heat
They are extremely energy-efficient They are not suitable for use during the colder winter months
Easy to install and maintain  

The Pros and Cons of a Swimming Pool Heater

They provide more units with higher BTUs They are not as quiet as a heat pump
Lower upfront cost They cost more to operate
They heat water quickly  
Easy to install  

Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of pool will a pool pump?
There are heat pumps for all types of pools, including above ground, in-ground, concrete tile, or liner.

2 What is the most important quality in a pool pump?

3What are the downsides of a heat pump?
Pool pumps require a fan to work properly. The fan and the internal compressor make a noise, so it’s advisable to find a place where it will not disturb the neighbors.

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