Intex 28611E Hydro Flow – Swim Trainer


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If you’ve ever wanted to improve your swimming skills so running water wouldn’t be so scary to approach, but you’ve been reluctant to try it out in an uncontrolled environment, then Hydro Flow is what you need. It produces a controlled counter current that will let you experience how swimming in running water feels like right in your home-pool.

The unit is compatible with both in-ground and above-ground basins alike, so it can be used regardless of what type of pool you own. Even more, it allows you to select the intensity of the waves and how fast you want them to appear, so everything is kept at the control of your fingertips. The waves produce no splashes, but they are strong enough to provide a challenge even for athletes when the right settings are utilized.


Intex 28611E Hydro Flow

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Design and Installation

The unit is comprised of two different parts – the main body which is placed into the pool, and a generator that is connected to a 230-240V outlet. Overall, it measures 24” by 35” by 21”, therefore it won’t occupy too much space in your equipment enclosure, but its 135lbs weight might be a bit problematic to deal with when you have to move the unit around. The cover is made from durable, long-lasting ABS material, whereas the inner pieces were created with heavy-duty stainless steel. Therefore, the unit is resistant to various elements, and it is resistant to deterioration caused by corrosion, different water temperatures, or rust. Therefore, it can be used with both cold pools as well as heated basins, regardless of the means employed to heat the water – solar rays or a natural gas heater.

Even more, the interface is user-friendly, so you’ll have no problem figuring out how to utilize it, even if you’re a beginner. The buttons are self-explanatory, for increased convenience, and they can be accessed with only one touch, so they are easy to use. To ensure you have a comfortable experience with it, the unit sports a remote control which is also waterproof, so you can easily access the panel from a distance. To ensure you are always safe, it includes two different safety-modes – an emergency lanyard, as well as a cut-off button, placed right on the remote control for faster access.

It is compatible with both in-ground basins and above-ground pools, and it includes all the required accessories to install it on either basin. For the inner-ground, it has a deck-mounting bracket, whereas, for the surface basin, it includes a mounting bracket that is fixed on the metal frame of the pool. All the hardware is also provided with the package, but the overall installation process should involve at least 2 adults. Luckily, the manual offers detailed information and tips on how to finish the installation successfully regardless of which pool you decide to mount it on.

All pool alarms should be removed from the water, to prevent their triggering

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Controls and Water Flow

The panel offers easy access to the customizable programs the unit offers, to ensure the machine’s performance matches what every swimmer looks for. No matter if you’re an athlete looking to improve his/her swimming form, or if you simply wish to train your skills for personal reasons, the machine offers tracking tools to support your effort.

  • Timer – the inner timer will keep track of how long you’ve been using the machine, and will promptly stop if after 90 minutes of continuous utilization. This is to ensure your safety as well as prevent it from overheating.
  • Stopwatch – keeping track of your swimming speed is essential if you plan on competing in athletic challenges. The stopwatch will help you train, as well as keep you motivated to improve your form.
  • Calorie count – since swimming is a complex sport and it trains all muscle groups, it also helps you burn calories faster, and it will also keep count on them. This is highly useful not only for athletes but also for regular people that wish to get a bit of an exercise right from the comfort of their pool.

The HydroFlow offers 8 different programs, with distinct intensities, each used to simulate a different wave pattern and water environment. However, indifferent to the setting you decide to use, the water flow will remain constant, with no splashes, for increased convenience and security.

Speed Setting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Meters/second 0.66 0.77 0.83 0.94 0.98 1.06 1.16 1.21
Feet/second 2.17 2.53 2.72 3.08 3.22 3.48 3.81 3.97

Due to its underwater waves, the machine helps distribute water chemicals, preserve the water balance, and improve the overall water circulation for your pool. This, in turn, promotes a healthy swimming environment, with fewer microorganisms and algae.

Efficiency, Noise and Warranty

There’s no secret that HydroFlow is highly efficient as well as economic in its utilization. Compared to other similar units, it utilizes up to 50% less energy, therefore it will help you save money in the long run. Additionally, it produces no toxic fumes as it utilizes electricity to function and not gas, therefore making it more eco-friendly.

When noise is concerned, the unit is relatively quiet. Since most of the activity happens underwater, no external sounds will be heard, making it a great addition to any in-door pools. Additionally, it produces no vibrations or trepidations, so it is safe for utilization regardless of what texture your pool might have, as it will cause no damage and no leaks.

It is recommended to keep it away from odd-colored water, or water that has a milky aspect, otherwise, it will get deteriorated. Additionally, ensure the chlorine levels are within normal boundaries, and also keep an eye on alkalinity and pH levels. To ensure you have no problems with its operation, the manufacturer offers a warranty for the first two years of utilization. Therefore, the unit is covered for any manufacturer defects in parts and workmanship, whereas the customer support team will help you with any inquiries you have regarding the unit.

For more eco-friendly ways of preserving the pool’s balance, you can opt for a pair made from an ionizer and an ozonator. They will ensure the sanitization process while reducing chlorine’s harsh after-effects on skin and eyes. If you happen to own a saltwater pool, then a salt chlorinator cell will help you achieve the perfect chlorine balance in a healthy way.

Final Thoughts

All in all Intex 28611E Hydro Flow offers a great way to increase your swimming proficiency without leaving your pool. It offers several wave intensities for different swimming styles, and it provides all the tracking tools you might need to record and supervise your performance. It is suitable for both adults and little ones alike, whereas the user-friendly controls offer facile utilization even for first-timers.

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