Above Ground Pool vs. Inground Pool

If you consider getting a pool, you must have asked yourself whether you want an above or in-ground pool. If you look at the statistics, you will see that there are about 5 million in-ground pools and around 3 million above ground ones.

With the summer approaching fast, you have decided rapidly what kind of pool fits your budget. As well as, thoroughly consider what type of weather you face throughout the year. Don’t despair on this subject though as the weather is constantly changing so you can never predict what the future holds.

The most important factors that must be considered are costs, size, and maintenance. Of course, you can also consider if the pool will add additional value to your house.


When it comes to how the amount of money you will be spending, you have to remain realistic. You must add to the plan any additional costs that may rise up. Similarly to any situation. In addition to this, you have to ensure that whoever you are hiring, is professional and knows what they are doing. Now, let us discuss this in depth.

Inground Pool

If you want this type of pool, you have many options to choose from. You can choose anything from vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. Whatever you choose, will cost anything from $30-$80k. You should expect this price at all times.

Even though you have read in your local newspaper that an inground pool will only cost you $15,000, this is very far from the truth. You will not get what you expect. Now of course, maybe just the pool body itself will cost that. Not the laborers or any other additional costs. Here are some factors that will get you to spend tens of thousands:

  • Pool decking
  • Landscaping
  • Pool equipment
  • Energy bill

Of course, in this situation, you may want to call a professional to build the pool inground. You can do it yourself, but it will take many months to get the results you want. Someone that does this for a living, will be much more helpful to get the job done. You will also receive professional advice which you can’t get from anywhere else.

Above Ground Pool

There is no hiding the fact that this type of pool is much cheaper. You can purchase a DIY kit that will cost you around $3000 and a professional will be willing to help for about $4000. This price depends on many factors. What you have to remember is that you do not have that much choice when it comes to this option. The majority of the models look the same. Below you will find the average costs an average person will pay:

  • Price of kit can range from $1000-$3000
  • Installation price can range from $800-$1000
  • Price of the area around the pool can vary depending on your individual wishes

It is much cheaper to install and purchase a kit for an above ground pool. However, what you do with the space around it, can push up the price to make it similar to an inground pool. For example, decking or landscaping can be more expensive than the pool body.


However much space you have for a pool will determine the size of it. The most important thing to take into consideration when it comes to this is the local regulations. Some states allow you to cover a certain amount of space on your property. Yes, we are talking about the distance from the property. Some allow 5′ to up to 50′ from the property additional space to be used. Please do talk to someone before you decide on the size of the pool.

In addition to this, you have to consider whether the terrain allows room for access to the heavy equipment. This is why, if you have a narrow strip of space to get to the designated area, you may want to come up with creative solutions or to consider something else.

Inground Pool

They can take up any space you want and the law allows you to. A fiberglass pool will arrive at your house already built so the only thing that will be done is to sink it into the ground. Therefore, if you have a narrow space, this isn’t a good idea as there are many risks. The size of a fiberglass pool is limited.

Trending across the country is the classic rectangle shape and size. This is because they are much easier to build and it doesn’t require anything special. In comparison with vinyl liner as they can be designed with rounded ends.

Above Ground Pool

This is where you have more options. You can choose to build-up the pool surrounding it with a wood deck or sculpted to its landscaping. You can give it a more sunken look which will make the pool look like it has more depth.

A pool that is 40′ round can have more area than a 20×36 inground pool. Therefore, you do not have to think that just because it’s above, it’s smaller. Nonetheless, with this kind of pool, you will be limited to a uniform depth. Thus, you have to take into consideration the safety of your children or those that do not know how to swim.


Whatever one you choose, you have to know that it requires maintenance. You will have to take time out of your schedule in order to ensure its longevity. In fact, they both require similar maintenance tasks as they have similar pool equipment.

Inground Pool

You have to pay very close attention to this kind of pool, in order to provide longevity. You have to remember that it’s inevitable to spend twice as long time on maintaining an inground pool than an above one. This is because the actual water is very easy to keep clean if the pool is equipped with a pump, filter and other cleaning agents. What you have to do is to make sure that the equipment is kept in good condition. You may want to check upon on them at least once a week. A damaged filter will only create dirty water.

Above Ground Pool

Generally speaking, these type of pools are easier to maintain. This is because they can be smaller in size and they have lower water volumes. The companies that sell them, will provide you with small pumps and filters. Similarly, with inground pools, you do have to take care of the equipment if you want safe and clean water. Allow the pump to run its course and ensure that the chemicals are all balanced.

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