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  • Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

    While there are different types of pool cleaners on the market, only the best robotic pool cleaners can clean the floor, the sides, the steps and the corners of a pool.

    A good pool cleaner should be able to remove any type of dirt and debris from any type of pool material, even fiberglass.

  • Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

    We try to make our robotic pool cleaner reviews as comprehensive and as easy to understand as possible, so that you can easily compare different types of pool cleaners.

    When analyzing a pool cleaner, we focus on a few key features: performance, energy efficiency, easy of use, convenience and durability.

Top 10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Comparison

Our robotic pool cleaner reviews cover all the points presented below. Moreover, each review is accompanied by performance, energy efficiency, convenience and durability ratings. The ratings are meant to help you compare different products.
  • 1. Polaris F9450 Sport

    2. Aquabot Elite

    3. Pentair 360032

    4. Dolphin Quantum

    5. Dolphin Nautilus Plus

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    The Best Our Choice Best Seller
    Pool Type inground inground inground inground inground
    Cleaning Modes floor walls and waterline floor, walls, waterline, coves and stairs ? floor, steps, walls and waterline floor, walls, waterline
    Efficiency 96% 95% 93% 90% 89%
    Pool Length 50' 60' 50' 60' 50'
    Climbs steps no yes yes yes no
    Cleaning Cycles 7 day programmable timer 1-2 hour cycle 7 day programmable timer 2.5 hour cycle 2.5 hour cycle
    Obstacle sensor yes yes no yes no
    Intelligent Navigation yes yes no yes yes
    Drive system 4WD tracks tracks tracks tracks
    Brush pleated TripleClean scrubbing brushes rubber HyperBrush dual scrubbing PVC bristle brushes
    Cable length 60' 60' 60' 60' 60'
    Swivel Cable no yes yes yes yes
    Weight (pounds) 16 39.6 45 27.2 36.2
    Transport Caddy yes yes yes no no
    Lift System yes no no no no
    Remote Control no optional yes no no
    Dirt Canister Indicator yes yes yes yes no
    Warranty & Support
    Warranty 2 year 3 year 2 year 2 year 2 year
    Online Manual yes yes yes yes yes
    Phone & Online Support yes yes yes yes yes
  • 6. Hayward RC9740

    7. AquaBot Pura 4X

    8. Hayward TigerShark QC

    9. Polaris 9550

    10. Water Tech BLD03

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    Pool Type inground inground/above ground inground inground inground
    Cleaning Modes floor, cove and walls floor and coves floor and walls floor, walls, steps and waterline ?
    Efficiency 86% 84% 84% 83% 83%
    Pool Length 50' 40' 40' 60' 50'
    Climbs steps no no yes yes yes
    Cleaning Cycles 3 hour cycle 2 hour cycle 3 hour cycle 7 day programmable timer ?
    Obstacle sensor no no no yes yes
    Intelligent Navigation yes yes yes yes yes
    Drive system tracks tracks tracks 4WD 4WD
    Brush rubber rubber rubber solid-blade PVA
    Cable length 60' 50' 50' 70' 60'
    Swivel Cable yes no no no no
    Weight (pounds) 18.75 21.5 40 21 16.5
    Transport Caddy yes optional optional yes yes
    Lift System no no no yes no
    Remote Control optional no optional yes no
    Dirt Canister Indicator no no no yes no
    Warranty & Support
    Warranty 2 year 1 year 1 year 2 year 4 year
    Online Manual yes yes yes yes yes
    Phone & Online Support yes yes yes yes yes
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How to Choose a Robotic Pool Cleaner

When buying a robotic pool cleaner, convenience must be your first concern. You want a device which can get the job done with as little intervention from your part as possible. In order to find that cleaner, there are several aspects that you must consider:

  • Choose a cleaner specifically designed for your type of pool

    When looking at a certain pool cleaner, you must first check to see for what type of pool it is designed. In-ground pools and above ground pools differ greatly, particularly when it comes to the materials from which they are made. However, you needn't worry as we have reviewed pool cleaners for both types of pools.

    Check the recommended pool size

    Your next concern should be the recommended pool size. Do not be fooled into thinking it is OK to buy a small pool cleaner for a big pool. You may think that it can handle the task, even if it takes it longer to finish job. However, the recommended pool size is based not only on the pool cleaner's performance, but also on its cable length. Ideally, you should find a pool cleaner with a cable that it is at least 10 feet longer than the length of your pool.

    Performance indicators

    The GPH (gallons per hour) is another important technical specification that you need to consider. This specification refers to the filtration rate. The higher the filtration rate, the more gallons per hour the cleaner will be able to filter. A pool cleaner with a high filtration rate will also have a large debris holder capacity, thus being able to handle a bigger pool.

  • As we mentioned, automatic pool cleaners must be as convenient as possible, so the more features they have, the better. Or course, there is no need to pay for a pool cleaner that can climb steps, if your pool doesn't actually have steps. However, some features can save you a lot of troubles. For example, deflecting features are very useful as they prevent the cleaner from getting stuck in corners. The ability to climb walls is also very useful, as you want the unit to thoroughly clean the whole pool, not just the floor. The best pool cleaners can climb the pool walls all the way to the top and can even clean the waterline. A programmable timer, a remote control and an automatic shut off feature are just a few of the many convenience features that can make your life easier.
  • You want your pool cleaner to be made of quality materials in order to last a long time. Its size doesn't really matter, but its weight is very important. Obviously for a larger pool, you will need a bigger pool cleaner, which is bound to be heavier, but consider how you will get the cleaner out of the pool. Smaller pool cleaners can be pulled up by the cable. If they are light, this shouldn't be a problem, but if they are over 20 pounds, pulling them by the cord could eventually deteriorate the cord. Things are a little more problematic for heavier cleaners. If you are not in the mood of getting in the pool to manually pick up the cleaner, consider getting a pool cleaner with a lift system. The design of the wheels is also very important. We recommend four wheel drive systems (4WD) and extra wide wheels, so that the cleaner can easily roll over bumps. Last but not least, get a pool cleaner with a swivel cord, in order to avoid a tangling fiasco.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, for a small pool, invest in a pool cleaner that doesn't consume more than 200 Watts per hour. This equals the energy consumption of a light bulb, which translates into a 5 cent per hour operating costs. For more powerful pool cleaners expect a higher energy consumption, but anything that consumes more than 1,000 Watts per hour is unacceptable.

    Aside from the actual energy consumption, there are a few features which can make a pool cleaner more energy efficient. For starters, an intelligent navigation system will allow it to scan the pool size and determine the most efficient cleaning routers. Rubber tracks can also make a pool cleaner more efficient, as they have a better wall adherence, which means that the cleaner will spend less time cleaning the walls, and it won't slip on horizontal surfaces either.

  • Most of the convenience features presented above contribute to a pool cleaner's overall ease of use. User friendly options, a remote control, a lift system and a swivel cable are the main characteristics which make an automatic cleaner easy to use. As far as durability goes, it should be made of quality materials. A cleaner's warranty is a good indicator of its durability. If a manufacturer offers a good warranty coverage, that means that they are confident of their product's sturdiness and durability.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews

Polaris F9450

Polaris F9450 Sport

At the top of our preferences, you will find the Polaris F9450 Sport robotic pool cleaner that made it to the first place thanks to the undeniable performance it has shown in our tests. It was designed to clean inground pools of 50 feet in length and it provides a 96% efficiency in removing the dirt and debris from the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline. It can easily climb walls to remove the unpleasant film that usually forms on the pool’s walls, but it can’t climb the stairs as other models can, meaning you will have to brush them prior to using the Polaris.

The 7-day programmable timer allows you to create a cleaning routine so the unit will start the cleaning cycle at the desired time without you having to be at home to start it. Thanks to the 4WD system and the obstacle sensors, the chances of bumping into obstacles or getting stuck are limited, although the lack of a swivel cord could cause some problems. The intelligent navigation is what keeps this automatic pool cleaner on track and makes sure every inch is cleaned to perfection. The pleated brush scrubs the dirt off and the powerful motor sucks it into the filter bag that features an indicator to let you know when it’s time to empty it.

Given that this device is bulky, the lift system that enables it to get out of the pool by itself spares you the effort of lifting it. There is also a transportation caddy included as well as a remote control that makes the unit easier to maneuver. The cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty for all the parts.

Aquabot Elite

Aquabot Elite

Next in line is the Aquabot Elite, a sleek item that easily makes its way around the pool to perform a great cleaning of the floor, walls, waterline, coves, and stairs. This impressive efficiency is provided by the Triple Clean scrubbing system and the rubber tracks that offer it a better adherence on any pool surface. You can use it for pools up to 50 feet in length and it will take around two hours for it to finish cleaning.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a programmable timer so you will have to get used to setting it to clean. With the intelligent navigation, it creates the most convenient path so that it will finish cleaning before it runs out of batteries. It doesn’t get stuck due to the obstacle sensors and the swivel cord.

It doesn’t include accessories like transportation caddies and it will require you to get it out of the pool manually, but luckily, it is a very lightweight unit that comes with a helpful large handle. If you want a remote control, you will have to pay extra for it. The good news is that the warranty covers the robotic cleaner for 3 years.

Pentair 360032

Pentair 360032

The automatic pool cleaner that has ranked third in our top is the Pentair 360032, a very efficient and easy to use device that is perfect for inground pools measuring 50 feet in length. It manages to climb steps without a problem with the help of the rubber tracks and it can clean up to 95% of the dirt and algae it finds in its way, using its large rubber brush that rotates to scrub the dirt.

The biggest drawback of this device is that it doesn’t include a smart navigation system that would help it clean faster and reduce energy. This means that it will wander around the pool, cleaning where it considers necessary, which might make it less convenient. There are no sensors to detect obstacles so it might bump into stuff it encounters in the pool. Luckily, the 60′ swivel cord gets out of the way to prevent any accidents.

Although it’s a device with a simple operating system, it does come with a programmable timer that lets you set it to work any day of the week and it even includes a dirt canister indicator to alert you when to empty the filter bag. Moreover, it comes with a convenient transportation caddy and a remote control for easier handling. The warranty is the average 2-year you can find in most units.

Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Quantum

At number four, say hello to Dolphin Quantum, a great tool to use for cleaning the entire surface of the pool, including the steps, wall, and waterline. It can handle pools as long as 60 feet during the 2.5-hours cleaning cycle it comes with instead of a programmable timer. Thanks to the HyperBrush dual scrubbing, the Dolphin manages to clean two times faster than ordinary brushes, removing even the most stubborn debris.

The performance of this unit is strengthened by the rubber tracks that help it climb the entire pool surface and the sensors that keep it from wasting energy when trying to overcome obstacles. Moreover, the cleaner incorporates an intelligent navigation that helps it create a cleaning path, thus reducing the time spent on cleaning.

As for convenience, it lacks a transportation caddy and a remote control that would have made it easier to maneuver. What it does include are a swivel cable and a dirt canister indicator, as well as a 2-year warranty coverage.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Our last choice is another model from Dolphin, namely the Nautilus Plus, a good unit capable of cleaning 60-feet long inground pools. This is one of the most affordable pool cleaners in our top. It lacks a lot of convenience features, but it does a great job, considering its small price. It can clean the floors, walls, and waterline but it doesn’t do well on stairs so you will have to handle this part yourself. The PVC bristle brushes are good at removing dirt, although they might turn out to be a little too harsh to get deep into the algae or the film on the walls. Instead of a programmable timer, the unit comes with a 2.5-hours cleaning cycle.

There aren’t any obstacle sensors included in this device, but is does feature an intelligent navigation to help it get the cleaning done faster and better. Unfortunately, you won’t receive a transportation caddy or a remote, nor a dirt canister indicator feature. The standard warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Our Choice

Polaris F9450 Sport

Polaris F9450 Sport

Best Seller

Dolphin Nautilus

Dolphin Nautilus

Most Reliable

Pentair 360032

Pentair Prowler 830

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